Growing Pains

If you read my previous blogs “IT’S A GIRL!” and “BROKEN HEART” then you know exactly what’s going on. If not, no worries, here’s a little summary to get you caught up! I am living in Texas with my boyfriend and we just found out that we are having a baby girl. Unfortunately, we also found out that she has a birth defect. It was recently confirmed to be a large hole in the lower muscular part of her heart that we now have to monitor throughout the pregnancy.

Other than checking in with the specialists every couple of weeks to check on our baby girl’s heart, my pregnancy is going pretty normal. Sadly, Karlie’s dad had to go work out of town in Chicago, Illinois. It’s only been two weeks and the nineteen-hour drive between us seems to grow further and further everyday. I’m not sure how I am going to make it the whole two months he is supposed to be gone. I’ve just recently made the solo move to our new two-bedroom townhome. I don’t know if any of you have tried to move while pregnant, but let’s just say I definitely wasn’t breaking any speed records being 7 months pregnant.

My body had officially become achy and I had mastered the pregnant lady waddle. It had gotten to the point where the only way to relieve the pressure off of my spine was by soaking in the bath. Taking at least three baths a day, LUSH became my best friend. It was an $8 a day investment to treat myself to an in-home spa. Every night, I would look forward to a unique bath bomb that would fizz all around my swollen belly. I would savor the time getting lost in the aroma of the essential oils until the water got cold.

If I wasn’t taking a bath, I was binge watching Grey’s Anatomy on NETFLIX. Meredith and Cristina had become part of my life as my pregnancy hormones grew with the cast during each and every drama filled episode. We cried, laughed and had complete meltdowns together as my tummy grew and grew. I began to have less and less of an appetite as my stomach stressed for spare room to fit food. I could pretty much only eat chicken noodle soup and bean and cheese tacos (burritos for those not accustom to Texas Mexican Food) without getting sick.

Karlie’s dad and I had narrowed down the baby names to Karlie and Blake. He hated the idea of naming a baby girl Blake, so after much debate we went with Karlie. Because I chose her first name, he insisted on making her middle name Kate. Other than picking our baby girl’s name together, I felt like I was going through the pregnancy alone. It was getting harder and harder to reach Karlie’s dad because he was either working or out with his co-workers. Having to make a million and one decisions AND being a first time mom Google was a must! I spent hours researching anything and everything making sure I was prepared for our precious baby girl to enter the world.

I felt like my pregnancy was scooting along. It was already December and only two days before my forty-week mark. I was at my second to last prenatal appointment when my OBGYN said “this little girl is NOT going to wait for her due-date”. Unfortunately it hadn’t quite been two months since Karlie’s dad left so he was still out of town for another two weeks.

Here is a little slideshow of my growing baby bump. Stay tuned and follow us at to see if Karlie’s dad makes it back in time for the birth!

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