Titled “Pilot” because I am not an artist, programmer, coder, graphic designer or a badass like Claire. Rather, I am just an enthusiast working on this thing called “optimism and positivity”. So hello fellow bloggers… HERE I AM! Why thank you, yes I am ecstatic to be here and introducing my mini and myself to the WORLD! My head is always on the verge of exploding. I constantly have so many ideas, thoughts, concerns, and emotions…. I just need to spill it out into what I hope will captivate you into this tornado of a rainbow I call my life. So where does one start? Web page, blog site, text, pictures – can’t be that hard right…WRONG!

Oh my goodness

Step 1: Google ‘starting a blog’ – 313,000,000 results, no big deal!

Step 2: I found the next big step was trying to decide if you should blog for free or buy. I choose to buy because I am hoping this turns into more than just a hobby but also because I hate the idea of someone owning my words. So that’s decided, now I am buying one?

Step 3: I had officially narrowed it down to Blogger and WordPress. Pretty easy, until you realize there was also Wix, Weebly and Squarespace to choose from. Yada yada yada, did some research on all of them and decided that WordPress would be the best fit for me. Good news– it is not as costly as you would think to start a blog. I’m pretty sure it’s a sign that people really want to read about my crazy life!

Step 4: Ok purchased and ready to blog! Just kidding… you have to build your blog first! Just so you know, that is by far the hardest thing I have ever done. If you have only ever looked on websites and never designed them, picking a blog name AND themes AND colors AND pictures AND fonts… YIKES talk about a headache! Side note – expect more tweaks because trust me it’s far from perfect, but just functional enough….

Now that all my steps are mostly done, I think… I feel like I can officially call myself a blogger. I hope you all are just as excited as me for this journey in the blogging world. NOW enjoy this cute little video of Karlie Kate & me!

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